evil mambo

Tuborg Classic

We decided to wipe the board clean and turn back time. 
By re introducing its reliable classic approach and all 
the while bringing a new face to art deco design. 
Classically and reminiscent of the 20’s, brimming 
with lovely ladies and dreams.

We wanted to create a universe where anything was 
possible. Our vision was to encompass ‘Classic’s roots’ 
by telling the story just how it was produced and even 
share in its ingredients in a tantalizingly poetic and 
dreamy way. Let the rye turn into ladies legs, piano 
keys into train rails and the hop flowers into dresses 
on ladies dancing to ragtime jazz. 

The film unfortunately was declined due to test 
rounds based on a simple animatic, apparently 
Jutland found art deco too elitist..it did make 
it to print though!